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Smart Tuition

All tuition payments will be handled through Smart Tuition. Smart Tuition receives, processes and deposits your payments into the schools bank account. The secure website and 24/7 parent help center are available to families that have questions about their tuition payment plans.

Enroll online:  Smart Tuition or download pdf: Smart Tuition PDF

Late Enrollment:

If Smart Tuition does not receive your enrollment form on time, your first payment date will be moved forward.  You may be required to catch up any missed payments on your first due date or you may establish with the school a plan with a smaller number of larger payments.


Smart Tuition does not issue cash refunds.  Over payments will be carried on your account and credited to future tuition payments.  All reimbursements or refunds must be arranged with the school.

Late Fees:

Any payment that is not received by Smart Tuition by your due date is considered late and may receive a late fee.  In event that your account becomes delinquent, Smart Tuition may provide your school a follow-up service which will contact you via mail, telephone or email.  Your account may be charged $35.00 as a result of this service.  This fee is in addition to any late fees charged by the school.

Dishonored Payments:

A fee of $25.00 will be applied to your account for any failed auto-debit and failed check payments. Your bank may impose additional fees.